Multi-Light: a Realtime Light Mixer

3Delight for KATANA includes a powerful light mixing tool that enables artists to change lighting conditions directly in the framebuffer (3Delight Display). Any AOV can be further broken down into light contributions. Each light can then be controlled individually through the mixer or by using the mixer tool directly on the image. Light rigs can be used to group lights together so that a single control affects all of them. The mixer directly modifies light intensities in KATANA and a re-render of the scene with theses modified parameters produces exactly the same results as shown in the realtime view.

Built Around OSL

We have redesigned the entire path-tracer around the Open Shading Language. The end result is an efficient, high quality rendering engine with very few technical controls. Materials in KATANA can be expressed using a network of OSL nodes and we include 3Delight's physically plausible materials (Metal, Hair, Glass, ...) and a set of utility nodes. The usual strengths of 3Delight such displacements, motion blur, edge anti-aliasing and depth of field are all retained. State of the art area light sampling and HDR sampling algorithms produce smooth images with very few samples.

3Delight Display

An Advanced Framebuffer for KATANA

3Delight Display is a mature, production proven, framebuffer for 3Delight. It is designed with productivity in mind and offers a pleasant, easy to use interface for that artist. It is particularly well suited for modern rendering workflows which rely heavily on AOVs, color management and good integration with the parent application. Features such as Contact Sheet, full screen mode, Light Mixer and a configurable tool bar makes 3Delight Display stand out from the competition. 3Delight Display works equally well on KATANA for Linux and Windows.

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