Free Download

To download, select the package for your platform from the options below. This will download 3Delight for Maya.


System requirements:
Windows XP or higher

Mac OS X

System requirements:
Mac OS 10.5 or higher


System requirements:
glibc 2.3.2 or higher

To install the software, follow the instructions in the README file included in the package.

The downloaded software comes with one full license for free with no restriction for commercial use and is not time limited. A maximum of one free license is available per customer. This free version has all the features and is only limited in performance by using a maximum of 8 cores during rendering. Which means on computers with more than 8 cores, the software will not use all the computing power available.

To purchase a license for a more powerful computer (with more than 8 cores) or to request a quote to purchase additionnal licenses, select Pricing and Licensing or contact us at sales@3delight.com.

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