3Delight for Softimage is a fully integrated rendering plug-in for Autodesk® Softimage® 3D Animation Software. It achieves seamless integration into Softimage, without any compromises in workflow, and brings a higher level of rendering performance and capabilities otherwise unavailable to the Softimage user base. The most important benefits are:

  • Significantly faster global illumination and subsurfce scattering
  • Significantly faster rendering of motion-blur and depth of field (up to tenfold)
  • Significantly faster rendering of Hair and Fur (up to fivefold)
  • Ability to use displacements extensively with negligible impact on performance
  • Ability to handle much larger scenes using significantly less memory
  • Better quality rendering with perfectly smooth subdivision surfaces
  • Proven RenderMan standard and practices with RIB import/export and RSL shaders
  • Network caching for efficient bandwidth utilization while rendering on a render farm

Among the long list of features in 3Delight for Softimage, you will find support for:

  • Physically plausible materials, including skin, dual coated surfaces and glass.
  • The Render Tree, shader compounds and more than 200 Softimage native shader nodes
  • The ability to add RenderMan shaders (as materials) as well as RenderMan shader nodes
  • Toon shaders and Inking
  • ICE Volumes, Particles and Strands
  • Volumics
  • Render Maps
  • All geometries, including subdivision surfaces, NURBS, Fur and curves
  • Scene caching for rapid lighting
  • Integration in the render region and support for most output formats
  • XSI 7.0, Softimage 7.5, Softimage 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 compatibility

3Delight for Softimage comes at two different price points: one tailored for quad-core computers and one with unlimited performance for those computers with more than four cores (such as those with two Quad-core processors or more). Both have the same feature set.

3Delight is the first third party renderer to achieve full integration inside Softimage and the only renderer to bring the RenderMan standard to the Softimage user base.

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