Here is a summary of 3Delight's features. For a more complete description please refer to 3Delight Technical Specification.

Rendering Features

3Delight is an advanced renderer featuring a wide variety of features such as path-tracing and REYES rendering algorithms, multiple importance sampling for physically plausible materials, depth of field, motion blur, area lights, subsurface scattering, surface displacement, multi-camera rendering (stereo rendering),  image based lighting, atmospheric effects and deep shadow maps.  Very high quality texturing and image antialiasing is offered with a complete set of selectable filters (including Sinc and Catmull-Rom). Images can be output in most commong formats including EXR and deep EXR (EXR 2.0).

Geometry Support

3Delight supports a complete set of RenderMan® geometry: subdivision surfaces, polygons, patches (B-spline, Bezier, Catmull-Rom and others), NURBS (with trim-curves), Curves (for Fur & Hair), quadrics and procedural geometry. Also, user-defined variables, including vertex and facevarying variables, attached to geometry are fully supported. In contrast to all competing renderers, 3Delight doesn't tessellate smooth surfaces into polygons prior to rendering. This means that subdivion surfaces are rendered to sub-pixel accuracy at any zoom level.

Fast and Efficient Rendering

3Delight can handle complex scenes, made of millions of primitives. From 3Delight's initial design stage, right up to current developments, rendering speed and efficient memory usage has been a top priority.

RenderMan® Compliant

3Delight's renderdl program can render any RenderMan® Interface Bytestream (RIB) file (binary or text formats) or an application can link with the lib3delight library to produce high quality images directly using the RenderMan® Application Programming Interface (API). Refer to User's Manual section 4. 3Delight and RenderMan® for details.

Programmable shading and lighting is supported by using the standard RenderMan® Shading Language. RSL 2.0 specifications are fully supported. The language can be extended using C++ DSO shadeops, providing the increased flexibility of C/C++ programming. 3Delight's proprietary Just-In-Time compiler translates shaders into Intel SSE code on the fly.

All the usual RenderMan APIs and plug-ins are also supported: Ri (RenderMan API), Rx (shading API), Dspy (display drivers), Rtx (texture plug-ins), Implicit Field, Rif (Ri filters), Point Cloud API, Slo (shader interrogation), Rix (Mutex API), Rsl (shadeop C++ API).

In addition to all the APIs and plug-ins above, we provide unique APIs: Sx API for executing RenderMan shaders on arbitrary data and Gx API for evaluating geometry on aribtrary surface points.

Multi-platform Support with Specific Code Optimization

3Delight offers the widest selection of platform support of any RenderMan®-compliant renderer. It is available for Windows, Linux (including the PowerPC with AltiVec support) and MacOS X.

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