3Delight is a fast, high quality renderer designed to produce photo-realistic images in demanding production environments. The renderer was introduced in 2000 and is now widely used in the industry. Because of its high versatility and speed, 3Delight has earned a reputation as a benchmark in rendering technology.

Some of its features include global illumination (including path-tracing, subsurface scattering and high dynamic range lighting and rendering), re-lighting, realistic motion blur and depth of field, complete geometry support (including highly efficient rendering of hair and fur), network caching, full RenderMan API support, programmable shaders (RSL 2.0), quality antialiasing. Advanced features include numerous APIs and plug-in interfaces and highly customizable workflow. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

In addition to the powerful standalone rendering engine, 3Delight Studio Pro offers a complete suite of tools that brings exceptional versatility, including complete plugins for Maya, KATANA and 3ds Max. Here is an overview:

Component Description
Main tools for the end-users
3Delight Standalone RenderMan compliant rendering engine for rendering RIB files.
3Delight for Maya Full featured plug-in that extends Maya's functionality to use 3Delight
rendering technology. Learn more »
3Delight for KATANA

A seamlessly integrated rendering plug-in into KATANA. Learn more »

3Delight for 3ds Max

A seamlessly integrated rendering plug-in into 3ds Max. Learn more »

3Delight Display

Powerful Standalone viewer to display and compare images, inspect AOVs, or
playback sequence of images. Also offers interactive tools for mixing in real-
time Multi-Light renderings. Works seamlessly with 3Delight Standalone (and
optionally with our plugins for Maya, KATANA, and 3ds Max) to display images as they render.

Additional tools for advanced users and programmers
3Delight Shader Compiler An optimizing RenderMan shader compiler with RSL 2.0 support.
3Delight Core Library A RenderMan-compliant C library ready to be linked with applications
for direct rendering or RIB export.
3Delight RSL Plug-in Library An API to extend the shading language capabilities using a C++ interface.
3Delight Rx Library This library gives access to shading language functions such as noise and
texturing function.
3Delight Gx Library Geometry evaluation library. Enables evaluation of all geometric primitives
that are supported by 3Delight, including subdivision surfaces.
3Delight Sx Library A powerful shader evaluation library for advanced users who wish to
evaluate RenderMan shaders from their own applications.

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