3Delight for Softimage allows us to build an incredibly flexible and solid rendering pipeline while at the same time supporting all the usual rendering features of Softimage. The development team is very responsive and this gives us the ability to push in order achieve our clients' artistic vision. Version 4 of 3Delight for Softimage is a leap forward in terms of rendering technology and is a must try for everyone using Softimage.

Gregory Ducatel
Head of Technologies | Digital Dimension

3Delight is by far the best integration of a 3rd party renderer into Softimage software. The learning curve is almost nill. The rendering speeds are blazingly fast no matter what you toss at it. Motion Blur? Hair? Displacement? How about all of them combined? Hardly any hit to the render speed whatsoever! Combine all of that with stellar customer support and 3Delight is an excellent addition to any pipeline.

Andreas Bystrom
Senior 3D artist | Glassworks

3Delight integrates perfectly with Massive and we unhesitatingly recommend it to our customers.

Stephen Regelous
Founder and Product Manager | Massive Software

3Delight is RSP's RenderMan® renderer of choice, and it was the only render we used to complete Superman Returns and Charlotte's Web. Not having to wait months for bug fixes or feature requests just plain rocks. Without DNA being able to give us this level of service we could not have finished our shows. 3Delight does what it says on the tin!

Malcolm Humphreys
Head of VFX | Rising Sun Pictures

We have been relying on 3Delight as a high quality renderer in our DAZ Studio product and we have been impressed by its speed, reliability and film grade quality. Additionally, the support has been top notch."

Robert Whisenant
Director of Production | DAZ 3D

3Delight is fast. It is right there at the top with the fastest film quality renderers money can buy and outperforms some of the fiercest competition.

Moritz Moeller
Rising Sun Pictures

We finished our very first Massive/3Delight job before christmas and it looks very good! We and our customers are very happy with the result of the past two months of work. It was a really mind-opening, interesting experience for me to work with 3Delight and the related stuff. I want to say thank you once again for your incredible support, also in the name of Animationsfabrik.

Marcus Kitschke

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